Design for Faith

Audio tour booth, environmental graphics, print media and architectural plaques were design as part of the "Be a Cathedral Builder!" fund raising campaign to renovate the iconic Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City. A once in century renovation brought back the original grandeur and wonder of this landmark just in time for the Papal visit.

The design process researched the artistic Catholic heritage to provide a form that would be harmonious with the cathedral’s Gothic Revival style. The typography borrows its flairs from the stone carvings designs found in the interior of the cathedral. The shape of the audio tour booth and Restoration information wall follows the contour of the gothic arches. The colors were chosen according to Catholic tradition and liturgical calendar.

The campaign was a success to raise the moneys necessary to restore the Cathedral that serves more than five and a half million visitors each year as a house of prayer and a sanctuary in the heart of this great city. To many, St. Patrick's Cathedral is a spiritual haven. Parishioners, community members, and travelers from around the globe find their way to this sacred home, which may truly be called the center of Catholic life in the United States. To countless others, St. Patrick's is an iconic New York landmark and a national treasure.

The illuminated pattern (left) at the base of the booth is directly transcribed from the stone carvings (right) found on the walls of the cathedral.

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