Design Services

Our design services are structured to meet needs of a better workplace. We are a multidisciplinary designers that practice and sharpen our skills at making better visitor, employee and skateholder experiences. Our goals is to make your premises a brand asset.

Workplace Branding
Message-driven environmental graphics give visitors to your office space a memorable brand experience. Your workplace will be unmistakably associated with your brand, culture, values and all the attributes that are unique to your organization.

Corporate Heritage
Displays and on-site experiences support your company’s reputation. We design engaging displays that educate stakeholders and employees with memorable examples and stories that affirm your brand.

Corporate Anniversary
We art direct and design corporate anniversary campaigns that align with your corporate heritage, current business plan and branding messages. Our anniversary campaigns fuel excitement, foster employee pride and produce memorable experiences for stakeholders.

Visual Corporate Culture
We design visual installations and graphics that promote the language and values of your corporate culture. We believe corporate culture should be carefully managed. A Branded Environment makes the workplace a deliberate and positive expression of corporate culture

Visible Sustainability
We design on-site campaigns that develop and promote environmentally friendly behavior in the workplace and in business practices. These campaigns work to cultivate the dedication needed  to achieve your environmental goals. Through interactive spaces, infographics and participatory exercises, your company can promote an environmentally conscious corporate culture.

Participatory Office Life
We design workplaces that promote employee engagement. These include on-site interactive spaces and furnishings that focus on key drivers and goals to support vibrant employee engagement initiatives.

We design and execute branded wayfinding systems. We believe consistent messaging is a critical part of branding: All communication matters. Preserving a consistent message in your office space tells visitors that your values permeate all areas of your business.

Art Curation
We develop curatorial programs that reflect your corporate culture and brand. Working in conjunction with Circa 1881 we can pair this with art collection services. A curated environment tells your company’s story with carefully selected items that are dispersed throughout your premises.

Branded Place-Making
We design and curate exterior experiences that differentiate the environment surrounding your workplace. Visits to your premises will be a singular experience, similar to visiting a landmarked site. Visitors, staff and stakeholders will grasp that the kernel of your brand starts here.

Graphic Branding
We design and develop complete typographical and graphic identities.