Branded Environments LLC is an experience design firm for the workplace. We help companies create a work environment that reflects the energy and focus of their brand.

Your brand is not simply a static image: it is a belief system that has the power to determine the will of your company. It is your way of doing business. Since a brand starts from within an organization, we think it’s crucial that your interior experience expresses your identity.

We are not about applying the latest design trends to make you look contemporary: this would be following rather than leading. Rather, we incorporate your values, culture, and energy – looking internally to your company for inspiration – to achieve a truly authentic workplace design.

Branded Environments is a multidisciplinary design firm uniquely positioned to create a workplace experience where your brand lives and breathes, and where it can be itself. Have a look at our portfolio to see some examples of our work, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.