Curating the Workplace

Fashion Photography in hair salon

BE designed this impactful fashion photography wall for a high-end hair salon in New York City. The project was produced in collaboration with Circa 1881, who produces art programming and exhibitions of world-class contemporary art.

The goal was to showcase high-end fashion photography to match the benchmark of quality at the John Barrett Salon. All pieces are authentic photographer produced prints. Many of the photographs are the original copies that were made famous in the pages of Vogue and ELLE magazine. They were framed and protected to the highest conservancy standards.

The scale of images were especially selected to create a bigger than life effect. The Beaux Art salon style display was also used to profit from the space's high ceilings. The 20 foot tall layout creates sense of drama in the salon.

BE often works with art consultants such as Circa 1881 or artist to produce authentic art installations in the workplace. None of the prints were digital copies because BE believes that genuine pieces produce more impactful cultural experiences. It is not enough to look like a desired images. We believe that you must BE the image.

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