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Branded Environment designs persuasive on-site experiences that uphold your company’s reputation. An engaging display educates stakeholders and employees with memorable examples and stories that affirm the belief in your brand.

The Big Picture

The multi-layered richness in a firms history is on display in a high traffic area. One panel a time employees learn how individuals, just like them, have contributed for the great good of the organization.

The reputation that people ascribe to your company is the aggregate of multiple judgments regarding the company’s history, reliability, responsibility, and trustworthiness.* It is necessarily a broad perception of a company. Branded Environments LLC has the multidisciplinary design skills to pull together the stories, the place, and the people of your company in an experience that attests to your reputation. Whether we use digital or museum-like displays, we can build a tangible world that completes the full vision of your company. The immersive quality of the presentation drives a message with compelling effect and provides credibility to your brand.

Branded Narrative

be Corporate Heritage Displays18

In a time of financial crises, the FDIC created an exhibit to explain to visitors and staff their important role in the American economy.

Stories from the past are memorable when their relevance holds true today. In our approach, we tell the story of your corporate heritage through the lens of your present business strategy. We call this a Branded Narrative because the form and style of the story is coherent to today’s brand values. Everyone visiting your company will understand how your brand is the continuity of a corporate heritage.

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A children’s hospital built an exhibit to inform the local community of the import research conducted at the institution.

Corporate heritage displays are also a tool for employees to learn the Branded Narrative of their company. The story empowers employees and inspires pride by providing a common knowledge for employees to act and speak favorably of the company. In the hallways of an international consulting firm, we designed a timeline of the firm’s intellectual history because it defined itself as “values driven organization.” Employees were able to learn and appreciate how the firm’s values developed over time. As a result, employees learned the 15 values by heart and had stories to tell about them. With this common knowledge, the workforce was in a better place to assimilate the corporate values.
be Corporate Heritage Displays20

The New York Stock Exchange makes use of its landmark status to complete a visit to its building with an educational experience. Visitor enjoy furthering their knowledge on a history that has had categorical impact on their lives.

Everyone visiting your company will understand your brand as the continuity of a corporate heritage.

Trust and Credibility

be Corporate Heritage Displays21

Different departments in a large corporation showcase projecs for the benefit of employees and visitor. It provides a more complete picture of the firm’s work. The exhibit furniture allows for rotating content.

be Corporate Heritage Displays22

The Inter-American Development Bank displays a new model of educational philanthropy. The exhibit will travel to various countries in attempt to find other sponsoring institutions to replicate the new methodologies.

Trust is at the core of a corporate reputation. Trust is not earned by one-time success or a neatly packaged selling proposition. Trust is earned through the longevity of a corporation’s existence. Nothing truly describes the breadth and depth of trust like a story.

At Branded Environments, our design expertise is honed on story-telling and heritage displays. Unlike traditional advertising and public relations firms, BE can help you tell your story in a rich variety of forms, and we have the design experience to deploy all types of immersive experiences, from digital to architectural.

We have executed corporate heritage displays for a wide range of companies; from small businesses to international firms. In addition to stand-alone history exhibits, we also produce curated environments. A curated environment tells the story of a heritage with carefully selected items that are dispersed throughout your premises.  It melds with décor of your office space and offers a more understated elocution. Both displays are effective means of producing a credible picture of your reputation.

With a Branded Environment, your history and your reputation has a living presence in the workplace that will leave a memorable impression on your employees and visitors.

Everyone visiting your company will understand your brand as the continuity of a corporate heritage.


be Corporate Heritage Displays23

A display of Corporate Social Responsibility is wonderful for company pride, but more importantly it is call to action motivating employees, suppliers and stakeholders to volunteer as well. In this scenario CSR becomes a way of doing business, taking a step beyond good public relations.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives promote a positive perception of a company’s reputation. The CSR’s physical presence attests to the company’s commitment in a way that places it beyond a public relations maneuver, and we believe that integrating CSR to the fabric of office life generates better credibility for these projects.

CSR’s may also be designed as meeting and recruiting space that makes it a place of activity and not simply publicity. Visitors and employees will perceive it as an ongoing activity of the company. The visibility that an installation provides is beneficial for its success because it helps recruit volunteers, and in some cases it helps recruit outside the firm such as stakeholders and suppliers. This in turn creates a greater business incentive to pursue CSR.

Branded Environments has designed numerous displays and pop-up meeting places that support CSR efforts, and we aim for these CSR installations to trigger a chain of events that go beyond “doing good” and transform CSR into strategy of creating a community of shared value.

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