The Corporate Anniversary Celebration

Branded Environments, LLC creates corporate anniversary campaigns that fuel excitement, deliver the right branding messages, and foster stakeholder engagement.

Companies celebrate their anniversary because this important milestone asserts the values behind an enduring brand. With a thoughtful and well designed anniversary campaign, we promote this compelling message to employees and stakeholders in a joyous and memorable experience.

Anniversay logo collection-01

be Thrilled

A dynamic identity for a Latino museum organization. The elements of the logo have a number of positions to communicate a bold spirit towards the future.

Like a birthday party, the atmosphere of celebration comes from sharing the joy with the people that are important to you. At BE, we create anniversary campaigns that encourage a celebratory environment for the benefit of all stakeholders with an array of on-site environmental designs from graphic displays to 3-dimensional experiential installation, or digital media, that in unison generate an atmosphere of festivity. Working closely with the client, we select the right messages, schedule execution, choose the correct sites and find the best means of dissemination to build momentum towards the right effect in style and tone. The result is timely and visually coherent campaign that embraces the audience. Our goal is for the celebration to rouse corporate pride, build reputation, foster belief in the future and promote emotive connections with your brand.

be Meaningful

An anniversary identity works well in all contexts, from elegant offices to the shop floor.

Stories from the past have greater meaning when their relevance holds true today. In our anniversary displays, we tell the story of your corporate heritage through the lens of your present business strategy. This provides a deeper understanding of your company’s position today and highlights your unique perspective on the past. The public will grasp how your heritage contributed to your present success. With this focus, your heritage makes a powerful brand statement and builds understanding of why people have valued your brand in the past and will continue to do so now and in the future.
At Branded Environments, we have the design skills honed on story-telling and heritage displays. Unlike traditional PR firms, BE can help you tell your story in a rich variety of forms resulting in fresh and contemporary experiences. We develop a unique combination of style, form and content that expresses the powerful relationship between your brand and heritage. Viewers will takeaway a message that will have a style and tone that is inextricably linked to your brand. We call this a Branded Narrative because it tells the story of your company in a treatment defined by your brand. This may render designs that are graphically arresting spaces, dazzling multimedia presentation or precious museum-like artifact displays; all with the purpose of uncovering the meaning of your heritage.

be There


School banners that illustrate the hundred year history in images.

Anniversary celebrations reinforce the connections between your corporate heritage and your premises. Our design approach is a combination between branding and place-making design, or Branded Place-making. The aim is to conceive the visit to your premises as a singular experience, as if you are visiting a landmarked site. Visitors, staff and stakeholders will grasp that the kernel of your brand starts here. In order to achieve this perception, our designs harmonize organically with your existing environment, not only because this is what looks the best, but because it authentically links the brand image with a real place and the people working there. The brand emerges from the surroundings. In an anniversary celebration, historical value is ascribed to the site, wherefore it stands as a landmark of your brand.

be Engaged


Credit card chandelier for a 50 year celebration.

Brands are about relationships between the company, the customer, and stakeholders. An anniversary campaign is an opportunity to engage these parties through participatory forms of experiences. In our designs, visitors and employees participate  in branding exercises. Either through play, writing comments or other types of interaction, we cultivate a relationship around brand values.

Participation is like a handshake that ushers familiarity with your company. In support of this, BE designs both low-tech and digital interactives where visitors can contribute to a socially meaningful and beautiful display. The design solution welcomes visitors to the brand-life. The interactions refashion the participants as brand ambassadors because they are practiced in brand values . An anniversary celebration is a great opportunity to engage in out of the ordinary workplace experiences and bring everyone closer to your brand standards.

To be

Calendar of events kiosk, interactive display for elementary school children and alumni hanging wall celebrate Trinity School’s 300th anniversary.

At BE, we want you to be. BE thrilled: as you celebrate your important milestones. BE meaningful: your company’s heritage articulates a bold brand statement. BE there: your premises become a landmark of the brand. BE engaged: you invite the participation of stakeholders to share and celebrate the bond of the brand. BE designs your corporate anniversary campaign as a call to be a part of the heritage and join the future of your company.

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